Love will always be a mystery


Love will always be a mystery, till you give your hand to me.

Famous AdRotate Plugin goes PRO & WordPress Unlists it from Plugin Directory


Famous AdRotate Plugin goes PRO while WordPress deletes it from Plugin Directory.

I found a broken link on an article about How to configure ads in WordPress Theme using Adroate. It seems that WordPress Plugin directory has unlisted Adrotate plugin or it’s a chicken shit bug.

Never mind, I found this official website link to download adrotate plugin. But, I hope AdRotate guys are conscious about it. If not, then they are loosing a lot of visitors.

Music of the Week Updated | The Lucky One Main Theme Song


Music of the Week: The Lucky One Theme
Rating: 10/10
Melody: Spiritual
Instrument: Piano

Spread Love | Dont take this Life for Granted | I love you


Wise words from a Lady and a Friend who recently lost her baby cousin.

Say “I love you” to the people you love – Never take this life for granted.

Sometimes we take things for granted, which reflect affect us in later phase of the life and we regret when it becomes our reality.

This world around you is all about Peace, Care & Love. Remember, no matter what, I love you. 🙂

So, Just Spread Love!

Update Google’s Love for Apple – Update Google Drive App for IOS


Morning happens to be good when technology surprises you with sweet-n-spice news. And today it was the Google’s Love for Apple. Yes, an update is available for Google Drive on app store which now enables editing features. 🙂 Check out the screen below:


I was SO waiting for this EDIT button in Google Drive. Things are much handy now, even synching & sharing iPhone stuff with android users.