Human Embryos Hacked Finally – A Beginning of New Era for Customized Life

A group of scientists who hail from China, have just tweaked the genes of a human embryo. This is something new to the world and a big platform for bio-technologists to play around with this pioneering research. This approach leads us to another million opportunities of being perfect or at least how we perceive perfection as.


Customized Human Embryos – A New Beginning to Life Hack

The scientists used dead embryos from a local clinic to do their test and guess what?  Continue reading


Google Celebrates Nelson Mandela’s Birthday in Style and HTML5

Nelson Mandela, a revolutionary politician who sacrificed his life in prison for people’s rights and liberty to breathe freely. A true inspiration for social activists who wants to fight for liberalisation and racism.

NelsonMandela Birthday Doodle

Here’s what he conveys, to the world, via Google Doodle: Continue reading

How Dreams Transform When You Actually Want to PEE?

It’s kinda weird thing to think about how dreams transform, when your bladders are full. LOL! According to the latest research of selfology, brain plays a vital role in directing and creating subconscious state of inception. This state transforms in accordance to a physical state of body.

Funny Dream Uncertain Transformations

Funny Dream Uncertain Transformations

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Customize Gmail Themes with Your Selfie – It’s an Obsession!

It’s not a prank, but Google have relaunched custom themes for GMail with the trending selfies. If you’re not aware of Selfie word, then it’s an image produced by a self obsession. 😛

Anyway, here’s what Gmail launched on April Fool’s Day…

Gmail Custom Theme with Selfie

And here’s what I did recently…

Gmail Custom Background Image

And inspired by the Just Breathe from Lets Create Something New, customized a GMail Theme, which helps you in retaining focus. Here’s a screenshot…

Just Breathe Gmail Theme

You can also share your customized theme with friends, folks and public. Where if you don’t have time to customize, simply select the trending option which randomly changes the theme every hour.

The Ironical Bin

Greetings for The Year 2014. It’s been the busiest start of a new year, as it kept me occupied with renovations and web-development. I’m quite surprised to see my calendar showing 14th Jan. already and still so much occupied. (Yawn)

And here’s something uncertain about the ironical bin…

The Ironical Bin-Akyjoe

The Ironical Bin

Just like the dustbin, a calendar never stop in-taking stuff. The more you empty a dustbin, the more its intake increases.

[Note: This theory about The Ironical Bin, is marked as unfinished, so feel free to comment about it.]