How to Manually Re-scan Windows Music Groove Library

Microsoft Windows Music Groove is an amazing and superior version of Windows Media Player. However, there are few restrictions in groove player, for instance, it doesn’t let you manually edit media information. It’s frustrating for people, who love to organize music along with all information related to it like artists etc.

Below is a simple procedure to re-scan Windows Music Groove Library, if you land in a terrible situation, then you can force a refresh manually:

  1. Close Groove.
  2. Open the folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.ZuneMusic_<random>\LocalState\Database
  3. Delete everything inside this folder.
  4. Open Groove and watch the application magically re-scan the library.


Bongo Coming In The Way and so are Angry Birds

It’s amazing how a simple invention let’s you multitask easily these days. You can play Bongos, Drums and Guitar all at once. 😉

A recently composed melody Bongo Coming In The Way and so did the Angry Birds. LOL!

GarageBand on iPad and Angry Birds

Garage Band on iPad and Angry Birds

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About Me Features SoundCloud, YouTube, Blog or Vimeo on Profile Page

Walking in the world of APIs, About.Me gets smart as they features SoundCloud, Youtube, Vimeo and Blog content on your profile. Not sure, what is About.Me all about? Skip this article because it will not make any sense to you. 😛

If you are a rock-star, musician or a TV guy then update your About Me page with Featured Content via SoundCloud sets or Youtube Channel etc. Just like I did…though I am not a musician, so it doesn’t matter.

About Me Featured Content on Profile

About Me Featured Content on Profile

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Google Greets Jagjit Singh’s Birthday with Doodle


Jagjit Singh Birthday Google Doodle

Jagjit Singh Birthday Google Doodle

Google greets India’s renowned “Ghazal King” with honor, in its very doodling style. Late Jagjit Singh was born today, on February 8, with a different year of course, 1941. The legend possessed Indian classical music with other legends over a long period, which inspired people to dwell in classical music.

It is good to see his flash back, via thoughts, through Google Doodle for 72nd birthday of Jagjit Singh. Rest-in-Peace!

Guitar Piece of the Week: Sounds from Wednesday Morning

Sounds from Wednesday Morning is an energetic piece of music, I have ever played on 6 strings. Apparently, it starts with thin melody and later catches the bass of other strings. Enjoy the sound on cloud below: