Fix avrdude: stk500_getsync() problem on Arduino Board via Ubuntu

Arduino FTDI Bricked FixEverything seemed to working fine till this morning, but upon connecting Arduino board to a Windows PC and flashing blink program, received AVRDUDE 500 Sync error. Thereafter, the Arduino Board never booted again. Here’s a copy of Arduino IDE log: Continue reading


Android Peeing on Apple Logo in Google Maps


Android Peeing on Apple Logo Funny Image

Human Embryos Hacked Finally – A Beginning of New Era for Customized Life

A group of scientists who hail from China, have just tweaked the genes of a human embryo. This is something new to the world and a big platform for bio-technologists to play around with this pioneering research. This approach leads us to another million opportunities of being perfect or at least how we perceive perfection as.


Customized Human Embryos – A New Beginning to Life Hack

The scientists used dead embryos from a local clinic to do their test and guess what?  Continue reading

Google Spreadsheets lets you Insert Creative Charts

Get even better with your presentations now, as Google Drive now lets you insert quick custom Chart Templates based upon your Spreadsheet Data. They’ve made it super simple taking care of oldies or less tech savvy people.

Here’s how I created a simple data table, used the insert chart button from the Tools menu and picked a relevant theme for presentation. And that’s pretty much of it…

Google Drive Sheets Insert Charts

Isn’t that cool, especially when you’ve all this stored on Google Cloud, can easily be exported via Printer, PDF or an Image. Tell me what do you think about it? Of course through the comment form below.

Birthday of Alessandro Volta, The Battery Man and Voltaic Cell Maker


It’s because of this great guy, the physicist, who invented a battery, we’re able to carry electricity in our pockets now-a-days. His full name is quite long, Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta and has his birthday today, 18 Feb.

The voltaic cell is derived through the chemical reactions between Zinc and Copper and its electrolytes Sulfuric Acid mixed with Salt water. So, electrons starts to flow from negative terminal to positive terminal and that’s how we got the voltage or electricity. That’s something amazing, he did.