Flipkart Discount Calculation – A Glitch? #EcommerceFlaws

Was browsing through some kitchen ware products, where detected this glitch in one of the products by comparing with another e-commerce portal. The MRP price and Selling price were same, however the discount percentage shown had discrepancy. Check out the screenshot below:Ecommerce Flaws SnapDeal and Flipkart

Above image clearly states that Flipkart discount computation has some error, as 9% of 1510 is 1375 where it shows 1360. Is Flipkart trying to match pricing with SnapDeal, just like that? Or can we just ignore and continue to shop blindly. 😉

Anyway, after all these systems are humanly made, no offense guys, but stop fooling people around with such superficial glitches.


WordPress Website Hacked or Attacked by Malware [Keep Calm]

Please open this page in the Admin panel only Sorry for your Loss and can feel the stress you have now, but everything will be fine, dark clouds shall pass away and every evil surpasses. So, here’s a quick relief for you… Continue reading

Human Embryos Hacked Finally – A Beginning of New Era for Customized Life

A group of scientists who hail from China, have just tweaked the genes of a human embryo. This is something new to the world and a big platform for bio-technologists to play around with this pioneering research. This approach leads us to another million opportunities of being perfect or at least how we perceive perfection as.


Customized Human Embryos – A New Beginning to Life Hack

The scientists used dead embryos from a local clinic to do their test and guess what?  Continue reading

Exploring the New Google Maps – Get FREE Invitation Now!

Google Morning Guys!

Couple of days back, I requested an invite to experience new Google Maps. Believe it or not, I got-in to explore THE NEW and SMART maps from Google. Yes, indeed they are smart, I am not kidding. Read below to know more about it…

Get Started

Exploring New google map

Exploring New google map – Get Started

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How Crazy Smartphones Transform You to become Lazy?

People with a regular routine, lived the best life, before evolution of Google and Apple. People were more active and preferred to work more manually. Where, today everyone is more dependent on machines, sticking to one of these are smart phones.

Crazy Smart Phones Make you Lazy

Crazy Smart Phones Make you Lazy

If you wish to eat food or hire a Taxi, these smart phone say “We’ve an App for that“. Things transform and we do accept the change. Continue reading