How Dreams Transform When You Actually Want to PEE?

It’s kinda weird thing to think about how dreams transform, when your bladders are full. LOL! According to the latest research of selfology, brain plays a vital role in directing and creating subconscious state of inception. This state transforms in accordance to a physical state of body.

Funny Dream Uncertain Transformations

Funny Dream Uncertain Transformations

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The Ironical Bin

Greetings for The Year 2014. It’s been the busiest start of a new year, as it kept me occupied with renovations and web-development. I’m quite surprised to see my calendar showing 14th Jan. already and still so much occupied. (Yawn)

And here’s something uncertain about the ironical bin…

The Ironical Bin-Akyjoe

The Ironical Bin

Just like the dustbin, a calendar never stop in-taking stuff. The more you empty a dustbin, the more its intake increases.

[Note: This theory about The Ironical Bin, is marked as unfinished, so feel free to comment about it.]

Facebook Lets You Review Year 2013 Moments & Activity with Friends

Facebook Year Review is Toggled ON, which let’s you share 20 best moments of timeline with you friends. Basically, it’s a quick flashback of year 2013, especially for people having short-lived memory. I am not kidding, check this out…

Facebook Review Year 2013

Check out Aky’s Year 2013

It’s fun to cherish moments from the past and I’m sure you would love it too. So, what’s keeping you, go ahead and share it with your Facebook friends now.

You can also access your friend’s Year In Review page by typing the username to below link:—-USERNAME—-X

Have fun!

Halloweens Ghost Just Got a Punch – GO AWAY SHIT HEADS

Just had a spooky experience of a Freaking Ghost Coming over the laptop screen.

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Aaaa Hahahahaha Ha Lia – The October Today

Season’s Greeting and I wish everyone a Happy October Month as we’re in the month of killing the evils. And especially the reason, this blog title is…

…Aaaa Hahahahaha Ha Lia…

…because it’s Alia’s Birthday (my niece). Yes, the very much known as The Sweet Potato of our family. I wish the parents and family a Very Sweet and Happening Day, although we’re all meeting today but, I am JUST SAYING… 😛

I’ve also crafted something for Alia and hope she likes it, when is able to understand. LoL!

Happy Birthday Alia Da-One

Happy Birthday Alia Da-One