HDFC Bank Applies Immature Social Media Marketing Skills

Sometimes, I feel glad about being heard over Social Media. And today was just not that day, especially after checking an immature twitter mention from a World famous bank, couldn’t be more stupid and dumb, please read more stupid and dumb.

Screenshot Twitter com 2015-12-20 16-45-04

Why It’s Stupid and Dumb Relevancy

The original tweet’s about a Quora comment over a WordPress Development question asked, related to Shopping Cart website. But HDFC Bank social media team finds it interesting to throw a Rs. 5000 Cashback Offer for Every Shopper here. It’s totally irrelevant to the nature of tweet and seems that HDFC social media team is just completing the targets by applying immature social media strategies. Duh!

Here’s the original tweet embed of the attempt from HDFC bank’s twitter handle.



Android Peeing on Apple Logo in Google Maps


Android Peeing on Apple Logo Funny Image

Flipped Com.Google Reveals Mirror Perspective of

Google Mirror Reflection View

Google reflects its mirror perspective of the normal search engine. Which means everything, starting from the domain name and to the end of Google Search, is horizontally flipped. I know it’s kinda stupid thought, but it has its security benefits. You know, not everyone can read flipped version that quickly, so it adds an extra step to see through a mirror. And so on, as we plant more ideas to it. 😛 Continue reading

Google reCaptcha Form Prompts Valentines Affections and Gestures

Spread Love

Spread Love .

Google is spreading its legs everywhere, either its windmill or its human psychology. Well, the news is Google reCaptcha service is prompting Valentine affection and gestures to the audience and make them feel in love.

It may affect heart-broken people, leading them nowhere to go to. Because even filling captcha form reminds them of pain. Pain demands to be felt, anyway.

So, spread love or legs, Google wishes you a Happy Valentines. 😛

LinkedIn Launches a NEW Connected APP for Business Networking (Doesn’t work in IOS 6)

LinkedIn New Connected AppTo stack up into the Heap of Social Candies, LinkedIn has launched a new App called LinkedIn Connected. It seems that LinkedIn has realized finally that their portal is becoming a mess, has so many distractions and people aren’t able to focus on one thing. Well, to counter that big question, this App is purposely made to focus only upon business networking and you don’t have to cross that bridge of distraction.

As per LinkedIn…

LinkedIn Connected helps you strengthen your professional relationships quickly and easily.

Get all the relevant updates about people you know, from job changes to work anniversaries, so you can reach out when it matters most.

Couldn’t review this App, as it’s only compatible with IOS 7.0 or later. Sad part, I know. 😦