How Amazon Sellers understand by OEM? Opposite Equivalent Manufacturer Product!

Recently ordered a Apple OEM product online via Amazon India portal and that’s how changed the absolute definition of…


Original Equipment Manufacturer


Opposite Equivalent Manufacturer.

Two ways to find out what’s genuine and what’s fake:

  1. Firstly make sure when you receive a product online, it must have registered office and phone number of the manufacturer mentioned in the packaging as well as the invoice. Doesn’t matter if it’s sealed pack, all companies abide to have such information printed on the packaging.
  2. Secondly, if there’s a modal number engraved on the product, then go ahead and Google it. You can also get it authenticated from the principal company as well.

Because of such experiences, people fear to buy online and that’s where it hurts eCommerce industries. Amazon India must authenticate such request and charge serious penalties to such sellers who are responsible for such let downs. It hurts seriously!


Reviewed on Amazon India:

Product mentioned as Apple OEM isn’t genuine at all.

I was amazed to see the price dropped by 30-40%, so I ordered it instantly, being in impression that seller had a stock clearance sale or something on positive note. But it looked dicey when the product got shipped in 2-3 days and finally when I saw the packaging, in no time, fired the request for refund!

Apple products are packed nicely and that’s why it’s Apple and we’re paying almost 10 times more than a local product to get the feel. Now, I won’t say that this product isn’t working, but it’s not what it’s described, hence NOT GENUINE.

ZERO STAR for the Seller because, that’s the minimum we can input.
ONE STAR for Amazon for amazing door-step delivering a non-genuine product and accepting my refund immediately as it got delivered.

HDFC Bank Applies Immature Social Media Marketing Skills

Sometimes, I feel glad about being heard over Social Media. And today was just not that day, especially after checking an immature twitter mention from a World famous bank, couldn’t be more stupid and dumb, please read more stupid and dumb.

Screenshot Twitter com 2015-12-20 16-45-04

Why It’s Stupid and Dumb Relevancy

The original tweet’s about a Quora comment over a WordPress Development question asked, related to Shopping Cart website. But HDFC Bank social media team finds it interesting to throw a Rs. 5000 Cashback Offer for Every Shopper here. It’s totally irrelevant to the nature of tweet and seems that HDFC social media team is just completing the targets by applying immature social media strategies. Duh!

Here’s the original tweet embed of the attempt from HDFC bank’s twitter handle.


Birthday of Alessandro Volta, The Battery Man and Voltaic Cell Maker


It’s because of this great guy, the physicist, who invented a battery, we’re able to carry electricity in our pockets now-a-days. His full name is quite long, Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta and has his birthday today, 18 Feb.

The voltaic cell is derived through the chemical reactions between Zinc and Copper and its electrolytes Sulfuric Acid mixed with Salt water. So, electrons starts to flow from negative terminal to positive terminal and that’s how we got the voltage or electricity. That’s something amazing, he did.

Google Doodle is Literally Out of the Box | Overlapping Design Blunders

While looking up on Google, for GoDaddy Promo codes, I noticed a new Google Doodle appeared, after a legend Vocalist M. S. Subbulakshmi. That’s Cool right? But, guess what, I also noticed that Google Doodle logo literally went Out of the Box. I am not kidding…Check this out…

Google Doodle Out of The Box Blunders

Google Doodle Out of The Box Blunders

Well, what we have here from one of the best team of developers. Oh, I am sure it took at least 10 Sunday Beers to pop out such a design blunder. Well, it is my humble request to G for Google:

Google, I am unable to see the content in GOOGLE SEARCH BOX as the Doodle Logo is overlapping it. I am sure there is a fix to such a blunder, as this is happening for the first time in my life and its a WOW. In case your developers are too lazy to do so, then I can fix that for FREE. Yes, you heard me. 😉

All the Best!

How Crazy Smartphones Transform You to become Lazy?

People with a regular routine, lived the best life, before evolution of Google and Apple. People were more active and preferred to work more manually. Where, today everyone is more dependent on machines, sticking to one of these are smart phones.

Crazy Smart Phones Make you Lazy

Crazy Smart Phones Make you Lazy

If you wish to eat food or hire a Taxi, these smart phone say “We’ve an App for that“. Things transform and we do accept the change. Continue reading