Scammer Phone Call: SBI ATM Card Blocked for Not Linking Aadhaar Card

Phone Scam SBI Card Truecaller-com

Just overcame a scam phone call received on Mobile from an unknown source +91 8348562902, with caller named Mr. Rakesh, intimating about:

Your SBI ATM Card is Blocked for Not Linking Aadhaar Card. If you want to stop this action please take your ATM card in hand and provide us the 16 digit number written over it. This 16 digit number will reactivate you ATM Card.

when I failed to believe that he’s calling from State Bank of India Office, he says…

Sir, when your card gets blocked, then only you will get to know about where I am calling from. Okay?

Person disconnects, when he failed to reveal any bit of information.

Well, I didn’t disclose any information over phone and immediately reported about this call over State Bank of India Toll Free number which took me 5 minutes of waiting time. Mr. Rupam, State Bank of India representative appreciated the effort for reporting down and advised safety concern over phone scams and fraud attempts. He also noted this mobile number to highlight in their internal records.

Safety Advice to Overcome Phone Scams

  1. Never disclose any information, related to you or your family over call.
  2. Never disclose any requested details from the caller, like OTP, Username or Password, Account Number, Bank Address, ATM Card number etc. These details are confidential and should only remain between you and the bank authority.
  3. Always keep note of all information provided by the caller, this can help you file FIR in police station or at least to State Bank of India, in case of any threat or fraud.
  4. Install truecaller application in your mobile phone to filter out Fake and Spam callers.

Beware and be safe fellers, you never know what’s up for you!


HDFC Bank Applies Immature Social Media Marketing Skills

Sometimes, I feel glad about being heard over Social Media. And today was just not that day, especially after checking an immature twitter mention from a World famous bank, couldn’t be more stupid and dumb, please read more stupid and dumb.

Screenshot Twitter com 2015-12-20 16-45-04

Why It’s Stupid and Dumb Relevancy

The original tweet’s about a Quora comment over a WordPress Development question asked, related to Shopping Cart website. But HDFC Bank social media team finds it interesting to throw a Rs. 5000 Cashback Offer for Every Shopper here. It’s totally irrelevant to the nature of tweet and seems that HDFC social media team is just completing the targets by applying immature social media strategies. Duh!

Here’s the original tweet embed of the attempt from HDFC bank’s twitter handle.


Appreciation from ShoutMeLoud Blog

Well, it seemed like an Appreciation received in 2013, but now the appreciation is now altered/updated to NULL (*Ding*). Of course, WordPress does offer that functionality, what else can you expect from the PAST? Anyway, when you know, you know! However, the journey of WordPress Designing and Thesis Theme Development is remains untouched. Because work is karma and that’s what worth working for. While appreciation runs after you then. 😉

Touch a way

How do you react after seeing an ‘appreciation’ published on one of the famous Tech Blogs of India, ShoutMeLoud. It’s motivating to hear when “Blogging Is Incredible”, of course! And for all those who’re unaware of, isn’t a shame, but know about it now… 😛


I really appreciate ShoutDreams company and the man behind ShoutMeLoud, Harsh Agrawal for the kind words. As, I never received any, when being the part of it. LoL! But, when you know, you know!  It’s been an amazing journey of WordPress Designing and the getting hands over Thesis Theme, which still rocks.

That’s pretty much it, and I wish ShoutMeLoud, a Happy 5th Anniversary.

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How Dreams Transform When You Actually Want to PEE?

It’s kinda weird thing to think about how dreams transform, when your bladders are full. LOL! According to the latest research of selfology, brain plays a vital role in directing and creating subconscious state of inception. This state transforms in accordance to a physical state of body.

Funny Dream Uncertain Transformations

Funny Dream Uncertain Transformations

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Something Unusual About Friendship Day?

We are in new age, where our religions, traditions & culture are updating just by click of a mouse or press of an enter key. A day is not even lived completely, when we start to think of tomorrow. It is righteously said, “We ain’t make friends now, because we send them friend requests”.

Just like trending on Twitter or Facebook, we involve ourselves with others, which is most commonly known as socializing. We add new friends and allow them to board our ship with an honour of acceptance. All this happens in Milli-seconds, with a click of mouse or press of an enter key. Wow!

You manage people with a friend list and can even unfriend them without any acknowledgement. Again this happens in Milli-seconds, certainly with click of a mouse or press of an enter key. Do you feel that by accepting such changes, we are actually increasing the rate of living our moments. Hmmm? The truth of friendship is one-to-one belief. A bond which gets stronger with consistency of time, patience and importantly the honesty. But are we practicing all this in virtual world of Emails, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook?

Sending messages in Bulk over these social media sites, would not strength the bond of friendship, but BELIEVING IN WILL.

Once a Friend, is Always a Friend.

A sweet friend sent me greeting over this day, called Happy Friendship it is below:

It was unconditionally sweet and endearing, but before I could accept, a question crossed over my mind. Do we even need to exchange such affections? Isn’t our friendship beyond this level, where there is purity and no conditions, trends or rituals? The Mind puzzled me to address answers to such questions. And the moment, I wanted to live was eventually over with a “hopeless” argument. But, since we believe in each other, the argument dissolved in no time. I feel the purity was in our understanding, other than exchanging affections.

If a friend doesn’t have faith in you, will/shall soon jump off from your ship.