Fix avrdude: stk500_getsync() problem on Arduino Board via Ubuntu

Arduino FTDI Bricked FixEverything seemed to working fine till this morning, but upon connecting Arduino board to a Windows PC and flashing blink program, received AVRDUDE 500 Sync error. Thereafter, the Arduino Board never booted again. Here’s a copy of Arduino IDE log: Continue reading

Human Embryos Hacked Finally – A Beginning of New Era for Customized Life

A group of scientists who hail from China, have just tweaked the genes of a human embryo. This is something new to the world and a big platform for bio-technologists to play around with this pioneering research. This approach leads us to another million opportunities of being perfect or at least how we perceive perfection as.


Customized Human Embryos – A New Beginning to Life Hack

The scientists used dead embryos from a local clinic to do their test and guess what?  Continue reading

Google Photos Makes its Way to Google Cloud Drive


Google Photos finally makes its way into your Google Cloud and letting you manage all Photos & Videos from one centralized location. It’s pretty easy to manage your stuff, with drag-drop files-folders, without any hassle.

Flipped Com.Google Reveals Mirror Perspective of

Google Mirror Reflection View

Google reflects its mirror perspective of the normal search engine. Which means everything, starting from the domain name and to the end of Google Search, is horizontally flipped. I know it’s kinda stupid thought, but it has its security benefits. You know, not everyone can read flipped version that quickly, so it adds an extra step to see through a mirror. And so on, as we plant more ideas to it. 😛 Continue reading