Google Spreadsheets lets you Insert Creative Charts

Get even better with your presentations now, as Google Drive now lets you insert quick custom Chart Templates based upon your Spreadsheet Data. They’ve made it super simple taking care of oldies or less tech savvy people.

Here’s how I created a simple data table, used the insert chart button from the Tools menu and picked a relevant theme for presentation. And that’s pretty much of it…

Google Drive Sheets Insert Charts

Isn’t that cool, especially when you’ve all this stored on Google Cloud, can easily be exported via Printer, PDF or an Image. Tell me what do you think about it? Of course through the comment form below.

Appreciation from ShoutMeLoud Blog

Well, it seemed like an Appreciation received in 2013, but now the appreciation is now altered/updated to NULL (*Ding*). Of course, WordPress does offer that functionality, what else can you expect from the PAST? Anyway, when you know, you know! However, the journey of WordPress Designing and Thesis Theme Development is remains untouched. Because work is karma and that’s what worth working for. While appreciation runs after you then. 😉

Touch a way

How do you react after seeing an ‘appreciation’ published on one of the famous Tech Blogs of India, ShoutMeLoud. It’s motivating to hear when “Blogging Is Incredible”, of course! And for all those who’re unaware of, isn’t a shame, but know about it now… 😛


I really appreciate ShoutDreams company and the man behind ShoutMeLoud, Harsh Agrawal for the kind words. As, I never received any, when being the part of it. LoL! But, when you know, you know!  It’s been an amazing journey of WordPress Designing and the getting hands over Thesis Theme, which still rocks.

That’s pretty much it, and I wish ShoutMeLoud, a Happy 5th Anniversary.

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Decathlon Noida is just not an Ordinary Store – Very Human!

Decathlon Noida Store

Decathlon, a well-known sports store in the world, has opened in Noida couple of months back. It’s a store with A-Z sports stuff except ice skating equipment, you know why. 😛 Well, they’ve a huge store and a concrete ground to play soccer and basketball. This doesn’t even need any registration or special permission to play, because it’s OPEN FOR ALL. Sounds good, ‘eh? Continue reading

LinkedIn Launches a NEW Connected APP for Business Networking (Doesn’t work in IOS 6)

LinkedIn New Connected AppTo stack up into the Heap of Social Candies, LinkedIn has launched a new App called LinkedIn Connected. It seems that LinkedIn has realized finally that their portal is becoming a mess, has so many distractions and people aren’t able to focus on one thing. Well, to counter that big question, this App is purposely made to focus only upon business networking and you don’t have to cross that bridge of distraction.

As per LinkedIn…

LinkedIn Connected helps you strengthen your professional relationships quickly and easily.

Get all the relevant updates about people you know, from job changes to work anniversaries, so you can reach out when it matters most.

Couldn’t review this App, as it’s only compatible with IOS 7.0 or later. Sad part, I know. 😦 Finally Gets Unavailable on World Wide Web

Dodography-LogoToday’s News is quite Breaking, as finally gets unavailable on the WWW. It’s something which world never expected me to do, but then somehow it ended with spending the pocket-money. Well, just like you can’t stop the air, water and light, above story is something similar. 😛

Now, don’t be so jealous of me…

Okay, lets ignore the sarcasm above and talk about the real news here. Continue reading