Human Embryos Hacked Finally – A Beginning of New Era for Customized Life

A group of scientists who hail from China, have just tweaked the genes of a human embryo. This is something new to the world and a big platform for bio-technologists to play around with this pioneering research. This approach leads us to another million opportunities of being perfect or at least how we perceive perfection as.


Customized Human Embryos – A New Beginning to Life Hack

The scientists used dead embryos from a local clinic to do their test and guess what? Holly Shit, it worked, Holly Shit. It’s also been reported that they have worked on this shit thing in past and got success this time.

Benefits of Genetic Modification of Human Embryos

  1. Detect Blood disorder problems before birth
  2. Remove bad section of DNA
  3. Repair or replace any Molecules

Disadvantages of Hacking Human Embryos

  1. Create Zombies
  2. Predictable Human Life
  3. Control Nature of Being


Note: The above listed facts are reported on the basis sources, self-insights and awareness. Please don’t consider this as a research material.



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