What is Brain Indexing and How Bad Indexing can Cause Stress?

Bad Indexing Cause Stress to Human Brain

The age of machines and more, as we’re advancing, every second, into the technology, by the technology and for the technology. It’s advantageous for all but stressful for an individual. Oh, yeah! We all know that brain is a center of processing for all the activities performed by us and is capable to extend its limit by 70-80% of the normal usage (10-15%). This can get dangerous, as self-perceived stress may cause brain hemorrhage and even d***h. I do know, this isn’t something you ever wish to read, but this is something we should not oversight either.

What’s Brain Indexing?

Indexing is a well-known term to all of us and brain indexing is quite similar to it. For instance, we perceive or sense something, the brain stores it as a short-term memory at Frontal Lobe. With time and frequent instances it gets deep inside the brain as a long-term memory. It’s kinda funny, but happens. Anyway, we’re not getting deep into brain. So, if you perceive it well and organize well into your memory then we call it good indexing. However if we perceive something out in hurry, like memorizing a friend’s phone number and pass out in another friend’s beer party, we call it as bad indexing and it causes stress later.

How bad brain indexing cause stress?

Now, if we talk about tech/modern world, we’re undergo several tasks, oh yeah, multitasking, like chatting with friends, thinking about party in night and not mention but also working along for stupid cool bosses. All this is part of a joyous life and can’t neglect. Even if you consciously stop thinking about these events, the brain keeps them active in subconscious state, as a background event. So, if we don’t address or index this event properly, then this may cause stress whenever the event returns to conscious state. This stress can result as an anxiety, a confusion, a trauma or as worse as a stroke in future.

How to Improve Brain Indexing?

Multitasking is good but, too much multitasking is bad for your health. We must not neglect such practices and understand what is a moment about and understand why it occurred. It’s as simple as learning A, B, C, but very effective for efficient processing of your brain. After all, a well indexed brain never stresses out.


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