Decathlon Noida is just not an Ordinary Store – Very Human!

Decathlon Noida Store

Decathlon, a well-known sports store in the world, has opened in Noida couple of months back. It’s a store with A-Z sports stuff except ice skating equipment, you know why. 😛 Well, they’ve a huge store and a concrete ground to play soccer and basketball. This doesn’t even need any registration or special permission to play, because it’s OPEN FOR ALL. Sounds good, ‘eh?

What’s Special about Decathlon Store?

Apart from the cosmetic and materialistic sports goods in Decathlon Noida, you’ll find:

  • Cute, Kind & Humble People always at your service and politely listen to the long stories on criticism. 😛
  • Very Caring, Honest and Reliable people, who takes you to the Hospital when you’re bleeding nonstop from a sports injury.
  • Cozy Environment, just like Alice in Wonderland.
  • 12×7 Water Cooler for People playing Soccer or Basketball.
  • Hosting Sports Events and at times offer Free Coaching for uncommon Sports, like archery.

How Decathlon Store gets Loyal Customers?

The only business strategy which brings back the customer is, to act as human being not as a droid. Anyway, here’s why Decathlon Store is amazing:

  • Fast Service from Smiling Staff
  • Dummy Piece/Equipment available for All
  • Instant Reviews from the Sports Pros and Experts
  • Well addressed Sign boards and Cautions stickers
  • Instant First Aid and other Medical Support

Perception or Viewpoint

India’s lagging behind in sports because nobody gets to play for FREE. Decathlon Sports store contradicts the above stated fact, as they’re not just letting you play for free but also hosting sports events to increase Sports awareness in India.

I highly recommend Sports Enthusiasts to visit this store once, in your life span. 😉


4 thoughts on “Decathlon Noida is just not an Ordinary Store – Very Human!

  1. Thank You so much for the appreciation towards our Brand. Can you share your Full Name with us. We want to share this article on our Facebook and Twitter Brand Pages.


    • I would like to know about working at decathlon. Can you tell me or give me some information regarding the same?
      I would be highly thankful for the same.
      Thank You


  2. Yes, treating humans like humans and then some more is their USP and turning out to be a great strategy. In fact, they encourage you to play and just try it out for free!

    Besides the in-store, pre-purchase facilities, what really keeps me going back is the post-sales customer service! Why, yesterday only I was cleaning my office drawer and came across bills of thousands of Rupees (well!) spent at Decathlon store. I keep buying trekking equipment for self and friends, simply because of the post-sales services!

    (Cross-posting to their FB page too!)


    • However, I only hope that they get better with time, because NOW IS THE TIME, otherwise we already are aware of the Indian market and the strategies they apply.

      P.S.=> You don’t require to keep bills of stuff purchased from Decathlon, because they maintain all the history against your phone number fed at the time of registration. (I know what you mean) 😀


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