Quick Hack for Apple Magic Mouse to Work with Windows

This workaround is to make your apple magic mouse compatible with Windows PC. Before ordering Magic Mouse, I read many negative reviews about its compatibility with windows and other adaptations, but the risk was worth taking.

This cute looking little mouse is amazingly powerful for multitasking users and you just fall for it, you know…

Apple Magic Mous with Windows

Apple Magic Mouse with Windows

No doubt, magic mouse works flawlessly on OSx. And for Windows it works partially, that is left-click and right-click. But, a driver update can enable scrolling in Apple Magic Mouse. And, there are two ways of doing this…

  • Highway or
  • The Myway

Highway method, there’s a software by TrackPadMagic, that makes you download 2 MBs and an extra 199 MBs of bootcamp files for a successful installation, otherwise you can’t go ahead. Wow, quite an attitude! Worth only if you’ve time, otherwise skip it to save time for your folks. 😉

And The Myway method, is quite simple, as follows:

  1. Download Apple Bluetooth Driver 1.0 for Windows, which is about 6 MBs.
  2. It’s an EXE Self-Extractor file which is solely created to work with Bootcamp Windows on a MAC machine only, so you can’t install directly. Not a Dead End!
  3. Now, right-click on that file and extract it using Winrar to a New Folder 1.
  4. In the extracted folder, you should see some more self-extractor files. Find AppleWirelessMouse.exe and extract it again using Winrar, as you did in Step 3, to a New Folder 2.
  5. In the extracted folder, find and RunDPInst.exe.
  6. Reboot your machine.
  7. Now open any software, for instance Chrome where you can feel both Vertical and Horizontal scrolling on Magic Mouse.
  8. Got it working? Yes, Bravo, we’re done! In case you couldn’t, comment below or just Google! 🙂

I’m using Magic Mouse with Photoshop, Netbeans, Internet browsers & Microsoft Office; having precision of 1300 DPI. Of course, I miss the multi-gesture feature with Windows, but you can’t blame this mouse, as this’s something Microsoft should figure for a wonderful invention. 🙂


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