How Dreams Transform When You Actually Want to PEE?

It’s kinda weird thing to think about how dreams transform, when your bladders are full. LOL! According to the latest research of selfology, brain plays a vital role in directing and creating subconscious state of inception. This state transforms in accordance to a physical state of body.

Funny Dream Uncertain Transformations

Funny Dream Uncertain Transformations

Uncertain Dream

Weather dropped by few degrees, the bladders alerted, the brain, on being full and you’re at sleep; in this dream you’re having a lovely conversation with girl whom you know from a long time; in the middle of climax-1; you’re talking great and confident; suddenly the set around you changes and you find yourself in a restroom peeing.

Note: You’re not doing that in real but to relief critical stress, brain just played another DVD for your good.

Next, you’re unhappy because a lovely moment ended abruptly. You’re leaving the restroom where you meet the dream girl again and the mood retains its happiness back. Wow! You start another good conversation with her, talk about her appearance being enchanting; in the middle of climax-2, you’re listening to her with care; the girl is in hurry to attend her friend’s wedding and she exits abruptly. But wait, suddenly you again find yourself in another restroom peeing. Now when you leave this restroom, you find that this restroom is in her friend’s wedding and you see her again. LOL!

And it goes on…till you forcibly wake up and release that stress on your brain and bladders.

This dream’s extracted via selfology.

What is Selfology?

A study evolving to research on self. The brain senses each nerve as we do in various states of mind. It’s quite amazing to know how our creative brain works and instantly loads new places, scenes and you meet people in various levels of inception. You can read more about selfology here.


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