Free iPhone Personal Hotspot for Vodafone Prepaid [Jailbreak Required]

I wonder why Personal Hotspot feature doesn’t work on iPhone for Vodafone Prepaid connections. 90% of Vodafone Care staff doesn’t care to answer this question, rather enforce you to opt extra services or switch to postpaid. Huh!

iPhone Free Tethering via Wifi

However, a lot of tweaks are available on Cydia for tethering the 2G/3G data. Most popular one is MyWi and Pdanet. MyWi tweak costs $19.99 while Pdanet is partially free when tethered via USB. This research went for several years which includes several sources over Cydia till I found TetherMe Cracked by SiNful iPhone Repo. It’s a free tweak to enable personal hotspot on iPhone for Vodafone Prepaid and works flawlessly.

Don’t just go by the words, also see it working below:

Free iPhone Personal Hotspot Wifi

Geolocation from ISP IPAddress

It’s the only working solution for Vodafone Prepaid in India for iPhone users which is FREE. Happy Tethering!


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