Secure WordPress Blog with Two-Step Authentication – It’s not that Confusing

Just like a chain of blocks, also adapted Two-Step Authentication security feature. Finally, WordPress has security feature to offer. Sounds Caring. 😛 If you are already using GMail style 2-step verification, then it’s really easy to adapt. Where if you’re not aware of Google Authentication then you can refer this simple guide for WordPress Two-Step Authentication.

Secure WordPress Blog with Two-step Authentication

Secure WordPress Blog with Two-step Authentication

How Two Step Authentication Works?

Two-step authentication means adding a secure token check-post before the real authentication. This system uses Google Authenticator which generates a new token for you every 20 seconds (there’s an app for that or simply use get an SMS with this code) to log in.

Advantages of 2-Step Authentication

  • A WordPress blog is Hack-Proof, but not 100%.
  • No need to remember the password every time you Log-in. But you should have the main password saved somewhere.
  • There are backup codes, for when your phone is dead or not reachable.

Disadvantages of 2-Step Authentication

  • No Mobile app nor the phone, nor a backup code, makes you a stranger to your own blog.
  • The one above is big enough. 😛

Demo Request

Well, this post is also created to tell the hackers after this Touch-a-Way Blog. Fellers, you heard me!


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