Remove BetterSurf Adware/Malware from Mozilla and Google Chrome

BetterSurf is potentially an unwanted adware program which infects your computer. This program injects through the vulnerable browser like Internet Explorer and silently installs in other browsers of  your system. Here’s a screen with Mozilla Firefox add-on…

BetterSurf Virus RemoveIf you’re experiencing unwanted ads on a webpage or irritating pop-ups after any click, then it means that your system’s infected by BetterSurf Adware. Okay, so here’s the BetterSurf removal method:

  1. Take a deep breath and close all your internet browsers.
  2. Navigate to C:/Program Files/BetterSurf or C:/Program Files/Better-Surf and delete the files and sub folders.
  3. Next, in your windows PC, open Run box, Type RegEdit and press enter key.
  4. In file menu, Export All Registry for Backup. It’s for that uncertain time, if you ruin your operating system registry, then you can always restore from this backup. 😉
  5. Now, in the register editor, search for keywords “bettersurf” or “better-surf” using Ctrl + F.
  6. Delete the keys holding values of “bettersurf” or “better-surf” in it. Keep on deleting the keys until you reach the end of search.
  7. After you’re done, close the registry editor and restart your computer.

Hope it works!


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