Fix RDP Support to use RD Client IOS App with Windows Vista Home

Are you having tough times to run RD Client IOS or Android App with Windows Vista Home? Or getting an error Host is Not Reachable on RD Client IOS App…

RD Client IOS App Error Host is Not Reachable

Then, this article is especially for you because Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is not present in basic version of Windows. And here’s what Microsoft says…

RD Client Unsupported Windows Versions

Our primary goal is to enable remote desktop services or install RDP in Windows Vista Home. So, let’s make it work…

  1. Download this File and rename it remotedesktop_vista_sp1.key to (It’s just because has some stupid restrictions in uploading files online, but anyway where there’s a way, there’s way). 😛
  2. Once done, you’ll be able to open this ZIP Archive. Extract the file contents and open ReadMe.txt file for further directions.
  3. Basically, readme.txt file explains exactly which batch file supports best for your OS. So, make sure you open the right Batch file to enable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
  4. There is also a legal notice for your concern and disclaimer to use at your own risk. But don’t worry about it, because you only have yourself to blame. LOL. 😛
  5. Anyway, once all black code gets executed, check open port for Remote Desktop Port using the link.
  6. If it shows the port as open, then we’re good to move ahead with step 7. Whereas, if it shows closed then your network is behind a Firewall which requires some extra configurations. You may also ask your Network Administrator to allow 3389 port on firewall.
  7. Now, access your PC using RD Client App on iPad/iPhone. You’ll see something like this screen below…

RD Client working on Windows Vista Home

Bravo! If you see this, if not make sure you Repeat steps 1-6 carefully. If you need any further help, then post a comment below with your query.


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