Repair Spice Mi-350 Mobile Mango Launcher Problem

Couple of days back, my uncle called up to ask about Mango Launcher Bug in Spice Android Mobile and I was like…Damn, WHAT? I’m a IOS user. LoL!

Spice Mi-350 Mango Launcher Error

Spice Mi-350 Error: Mango Launcher (processcom.huaqin.launcherEx) has stopped unexpectedly.

I got off from work to see, what the heck is Mango Launcher and this error was super sonic as it used to flash for few miliseconds and go off. The exact error code was “The application Mango Launcher (processcom.huaqin.launcherEx) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”  I found that being a common bug in Spice Phones with Android. The phone launcher corrupted uncertainly and there was no access to the Phone Settings, to uninstall Mango Launcher App. On top of that, a different Operating System and bug hunting was getting difficult, especially when you’ve no support from OEM. Anyway, I kept looking and even suggested my uncle to buy a new phone instead. But, Wait! The very next moment, the phone gets fixed and acts normally. Wow, that was super easy!

So, here is the procedure, which applies to above situation for fixing Spice Mango Launcher problem.

  1. Connect your Phone to Wifi.
  2. Try to Open/Access Google Play Store by swiping Notification center or Long hold Home button, if you have it in recent items.
  3. If you’re unable to open Google Play store then wait till you get any notification from it. Where if you can’t wait then you can Hard Reset the phone and Cry for your data. 😛
  4. Once you’re in Play Store, download this app called “1 Tap Cleaner”, it is freely available and open this APP once it gets installed.
  5. In 1Tap Cleaner App, tap on the Empty All Cache option and wait for the process to finish.
  6. Once done, again open Play Store, via Long Hold Home button and download this app called “Go Launcher” it is freely available, so just install it.
  7. After Go Launcher successfully installs, you can press Home Button. You will notice the new Go Launcher Interface and now you can use the phone normally.
  8. Also, you may Navigate to Phone Settings > Security > Default Admin and Deactivate Mango Launcher. Alternatively, you can disable Mango Launcher by Long Hold Home button, as it prompts to set as default.

I am done and switching back to IOS. I hope this key procedure helps you in the vain. 😉


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