IOS 7 Look and Feel on IOS 6 iDevices with Winterboard Themes [Tested]

A lot of IOS 6 users are craving IOS 7 look and feel. Well, frankly you’ve got few options to choose from: [1] Update to IOS7 forever; [2] Wait for IOS7 Jailbreak to arrive; [3] Mask IOS6 to look like IOS7 [4] Ignore this article

IOS 7 Startup Screen

IOS 7 Password Prompt Screen

IOS7 Device Theme List

Now, that you choose to read this article further, let’s note down few parameters to mask IOS7 theme on IOS6.

  1. IOS 7 Bars and Battery Icon
  2. IOS 7 Font
  3. IOS 7 Slider
  4. IOS 7 Icons and User Interface
    1. Camera UI IOS 7
    2. Compass UI IOS 7
    3. Dailpad UI IOS 7
    4. Media Player UI IOS 7
    5. Notes UI IOS 7
    6. Safari Browser UI IOS 7
    7. Siri UI IOS 7
    8. Voice Memos UI IOS 7
    9. Notification Center UI IOS 7
    10. Springboard UI IOS 7
  5. IOS 7 Wifi-Carrier ‘DOT’
  6. IOS 7 SBSettings UI

Get IOS7 features on IOS6

A simple procedure below will help your IOS6 device to look like IOS7.

  1. Make sure you have Jailbreak your iDevice.
  2. Open Cydia and Confirm or Add the following sources:
    1. BigBoss
    2. ModMyi
    3. xSellize
    4. ZodTTD & MacCiti
  3. Once you’ve all these sources, search for the following Packages and Install them:
    1. IOS7 Animated Lock Screen (optional)
    2. IOS 7 Bars and Battery
    3. IOS 7 Dock Theme
    4. IOS 7 Font (also requires ByteFont package)
    5. IOS 7 Keyboard Pack (also requires Color Keyboard package)
    6. IOS 7 SBSettings Theme
    7. IOS 7 Slider Theme
    8. IOS 7 User Interface Theme
    9. IOS 7 Wifi-Carrier ‘DOT’
  4. After you install all these packages, it’s recommended to restart your iDevice.
  5. Further Navigate to Settings > Winterboard > Select Theme.
  6. Tap all the IOS 7 related themes and further re-spring your iDevice.
  7. You’re Done!

IOS7 Theme Screens on IOS6 Jailbreak iPhone

IOS 7 Theme Folder Open

IOS 7 Theme Folder Open

IOS7 Dialpad Theme on iPhone

IOS7 Dialpad Theme on iPhone

IOS7 Calendar Theme on iPhone

IOS7 Calendar Theme on iPhone

That’s all folks! I hope you’ll enjoy the NEW IOS7 User Interface until you upgrade IOS6 to IOS7.


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