Download Google Adsense Productivity App for IOS

Google is finally showing some interest on Productivity apps and Mobile Reporting Tools. It turns out lazy, when you have to turn-on the laptop and login to Adsense account, just to keep track over your revenues. But, not now, at least for IOS users, I am sure a lot of Adsense users will switch to this new productivity app from Google.

Google Adsense App for IOS

Google Adsense App for IOS Users

Get Started with Google Adsense App

Download Adsense App

Simple conventional steps for downloading this app:

  1. Open App Store and Search for “Adsense” or “Google Adsense”.
  2. When found, Click to install the App using your Apple ID.
  3. You’re done!

Setup Google Adsense Account in App

To get started, sign in with existing Google Adsense Account. Whereas, you can add/edit multiple accounts by navigating to Settings within the App itself. As, you logon, you shall see Overview Revenue Stats, where with swipe-on, you can also check Top Channels, Top URL Channels, Top Sites & Top Ad Units. I know this is very basic but it is something good to start with.

Google Adsense Overview Stats

Google Adsense Overview Stats


It’s not a complete reporting tool, but a quick peep into your pocket. Here is what still missing in this App:

  • Custom Date Range
  • Page Views
  • Clicks
  • Individual Site Analytics

I am also waiting for Google Analytics App which will be handy for tracking the website information. Anyway, do share your opinion with Google to help them improve Adsense App or vice-versa. 😀

Google Night! 😛


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