Something Unusual About Friendship Day?

We are in new age, where our religions, traditions & culture are updating just by click of a mouse or press of an enter key. A day is not even lived completely, when we start to think of tomorrow. It is righteously said, “We ain’t make friends now, because we send them friend requests”.

Just like trending on Twitter or Facebook, we involve ourselves with others, which is most commonly known as socializing. We add new friends and allow them to board our ship with an honour of acceptance. All this happens in Milli-seconds, with a click of mouse or press of an enter key. Wow!

You manage people with a friend list and can even unfriend them without any acknowledgement. Again this happens in Milli-seconds, certainly with click of a mouse or press of an enter key. Do you feel that by accepting such changes, we are actually increasing the rate of living our moments. Hmmm? The truth of friendship is one-to-one belief. A bond which gets stronger with consistency of time, patience and importantly the honesty. But are we practicing all this in virtual world of Emails, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook?

Sending messages in Bulk over these social media sites, would not strength the bond of friendship, but BELIEVING IN WILL.

Once a Friend, is Always a Friend.

A sweet friend sent me greeting over this day, called Happy Friendship it is below:

It was unconditionally sweet and endearing, but before I could accept, a question crossed over my mind. Do we even need to exchange such affections? Isn’t our friendship beyond this level, where there is purity and no conditions, trends or rituals? The Mind puzzled me to address answers to such questions. And the moment, I wanted to live was eventually over with a “hopeless” argument. But, since we believe in each other, the argument dissolved in no time. I feel the purity was in our understanding, other than exchanging affections.

If a friend doesn’t have faith in you, will/shall soon jump off from your ship.


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