Exploring the New Google Maps – Get FREE Invitation Now!

Google Morning Guys!

Couple of days back, I requested an invite to experience new Google Maps. Believe it or not, I got-in to explore THE NEW and SMART maps from Google. Yes, indeed they are smart, I am not kidding. Read below to know more about it…

Get Started

Exploring New google map

Exploring New google map – Get Started

Frankly, the new maps are optimized for faster results and better usability. Here are some new features which I liked the most:

  • Full Screen Map Interface (Wow!)
  • Simple and Clean Layout (Sober is the word)
  • Explore Area around (Similar to Foursquare)
  • Live Traffic Details (Can’t be relied in India)
  • One-Click Transit Information (Wow!)
  • Wise Directions (Skip Tolls Roads or find Shorter Routes)

Check below some feature-wise screenshots…

Explore Area Around

Exploring New google map-2

Smart Feature – Explore Area Around

Better Directions

Exploring New google map-3

Delhi to Goa by Road in 29 hours. Cool ‘eh?

We often use Google Map Apps on smart phones and on other gadgets, but New Maps can influence that practice. Google, as always, has shown its sincere efforts and I wish them Google (Good) Luck with its new map launch! 😉


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