Dreams are better than Rules – Wanna know why?

What made me choose such a title? Well, because there ain’t no rule, to not choose either. Still guessing why? Keep on reading…sky is the limit…

Monday comes after Sunday and the Boss is always right. You make rules to harden your will power. Depleting oxygen throughout the day, you come back home because you have Parents too, where they make you set more Rules for life.

After a lovely dinner, you tend to think about “Tomorrow”. Yes, another interesting word. So, you append more rules in the rule book and finally sleep with it.

In your subconscious state you encounter dreams. Dream is directly proportional to your subconscious state. It has no rules! It is so free and regardless because there is no handle to stop it. Like, in arms of nature or floating like a leaf in river stream or climbing Mt. Everest. 😛

I mentioned having Dreams is better than having Rules. Well, it is because they reflect the true you and without any involvement of your conscious state. Your Life is mend to live with what makes you happy, and not to be ruled by the brain. Enjoy !


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