Install Google Hangouts App without Updating iOS Version

This post is especially for stubborn people, like me, who don’t want to update latest iOS version but wish to experience new Google Hangouts App on iPad. Not just Hangouts App, any App can be installed bypassing the iOS Version. To get started, you should understand the theory and prerequisites:


A simple trick to spoof iDevice iOS Version to validate App compatibility. That’s all!


  • Jaillbreak required (on iDevice)
  • iPhone Folders software (installed on computer)
  • PList Edtior (installed on computer)
  • iTunes ( installed on computer)
  • Cable (to sync)
  • 2 minutes of your time


  • First, connect your Jailbroken iDevice with computer.
  • Using iPhone folders navigate to iPhone folders\***your***device***name***\System\Library\CoreServices
  • Locate a file named SystemVersion.plist. Further, open this file in PList Editor.
  • Find the ProductVersion key and replace its string with a higher name. For instance, I changed from 6.0.1 to 7.0.1. (Refer to screenshot below)
Install Google Hangouts on any IOS Version

Install Google Hangouts on any IOS Version

  • Save the file and close it.
  • Open iTunes and download the Google Hangouts App from store. Further, Sync Hangouts App on iDevice and run it.
  • Lastly, change back the iOS version to what it was initially, so that your iDevice can breathe normally. And, we’re done. 😉

Did you know?

Using this trick you can easily resolve App compatibility issues with any iOS version and now you can install Google Hangouts App on any iOS Version. 😉

Note: Jailbreaking is not Good, just like smoking cigarettes isn’t.


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