How Crazy Smartphones Transform You to become Lazy?

People with a regular routine, lived the best life, before evolution of Google and Apple. People were more active and preferred to work more manually. Where, today everyone is more dependent on machines, sticking to one of these are smart phones.

Crazy Smart Phones Make you Lazy

Crazy Smart Phones Make you Lazy

If you wish to eat food or hire a Taxi, these smart phone say “We’ve an App for that“. Things transform and we do accept the change.

Case 1: The great Game of Cricket has transformed, because people were getting bored with watching 50 overs or 5-Day Test matches. So, a new 20 overs match, is the transformation.

Case 2: It is good to hear from distance folks or friends, who connect via social networks or phones. But honestly ask yourself, is that what you always wanted?

Well, this is not a debate or any kinda discussion but I would like to conclude that, these transformations are good for industrialization but definitely not for the civilization. This slow-change shall be of experience in coming generations because, machines do not sense emotions. 🙂


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