Facebook improves Timeline Looks and LinkedIn says Endorse Me

Everyday you open LinkedIn account and you see a big blue box saying endorse your dog, your cat and your elephant. Sometimes, it is annoying and all you can do is close the browser window. Anyway, the real story is that Facebook has improved Timeline look and feel.

New Facebook Timeline Updates

New Facebook Timeline Updates

The edit profile section is mostly inspired from LinkedIn Interface, like how you can drag-drop stuff and organize event, activity, and photo boxes as preferred.

LinkedIn should ask Facebook for Endorsement!

But, the cool thing in Facebook is that you can enable/disable all boxes under one edit section pop-up window. So, now you don’t have to move your mouse up and down to set priority. Cool, right?

New Facebook Timeline Updates - Edit Section

New Facebook Timeline Updates – Edit Section

The Big About Page

Next big thing is that, earlier a profile page used to load in 10 seconds. And now, just DOUBLE IT! So, for low-bandwidth connections up to 256 kbps, may have to wait for a minute to completely load About Page.

Facebook is improving looks, doesn’t matter if a page loads or not. 😛


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