3 ways to Stop Spam on Website and Fight Mosquitoes

SPAM is at every door step just like mosquitoes are. They Suck! Every time you open email, Viagra Pill company greets you or even worse they virtually seduce you. 40% people read spam emails everyday and 40% of them regrets later on.Remaining 20% think that it is even more important than their boss’s email. 😛

Protect Website from Spm

Protect Website from Spm

Well, no more terror, as I got some cool plan for you and it will save you from immense stress-strain. Check out 3 ways to stop spam, below:

Way 1: How to block spam using htaccess ?

Way 2: Add CAPTCHA in Form to block Spam

Way 3: Prefer WordPress CMS to keep away from Spam

There must be another 10 more ways to stop spam and we are waiting for you to share it with us.

Whereas, to fight mosquitoes…Keep on Whacking! 😛


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