Fix Chrome IOS App crash for Jailbroken Devices

Experiencing a Google Chrome App crash after updating in Jailbroken iDevice? Well, Google Chrome App update 25.0.1364.86 includes security fixes and a Jailbreak Detection Logic which keeps on crashing Chrome iOS App. It is a never-ending fight between the Apple and Jailbreak Team.

Why Chrome App Crashes?

Google released an untested app version for Jailbroken devices, (obviously why will they) which includes security bug fixes. Technically, a privacy setting under Web Services knows as Send Usage Data is responsible for this 5 seconds app crash. As per the sources, if you select “Only on Wi-Fi” or “Never” option under this Setting, then App wont crash. But, believe me you really need quick hands to reach this setting before the app crashes.

I know this sucks, but alternately you can install a simple fix to resolve this issue. Check below:

Fix Chrome Crash Issue

  • Open Cydia and navigate to Manage Tab.
  • Tap on Sources, and Add a new source as”.
Google Chrome App Crash

Add Source in Cydia

  • In the list of Sources, tap “Hashbang Productions”.
  • Scroll down and tap on package named “Chrome Crash Fix”.
Install Chrome Crash Fix Package

Install Chrome Crash Fix Package

  • Install Chrome Crash Fix package, just like you usually do and restart SpringBoard after completion.
  • Hurry, Google Chrome App works well now. You may now Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Send Usage Data and choose “Only on Wi-Fi” for secure data sync.

Hope this will temporarily resolve this issue.


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