Install Cracked Apps on iPhone without Installous

One of the powerful resources in Cydia, Installous by Hackulous, was shut down last year in december 2012. Installous was one vital resource which helped in installing cracked apps to iOS device. Well, Jailbreak World doesn’t end with such extinctions.

Installous Not Working

Installous is Dead now!

I recently patched my iPhone with evasi0n Jailbreak, which was handy and tried installing few cracked apps on iPhone. I was unlucky to have it in first time, as it brought me an error “Failed to install App”. I figured that out, it so happened because Installous wasn’t installed in Cydia.

Hackulous Dead-end? Neah…

I looked online for some Cydia Installous alternatives and was lucky to find one. As, I moved further it almost cleared my way and I was able to install cracked apps on iPhone without Installous.

So, here is what you should do:

  • Jailbreak your iPhone via evasi0n, recommended.
  • Add as a source in Cydia. (Ignore the Bull-Shit Warning)
  • Search for Package Appsync for iOS 5+ and Install it.
  • Download iFunbox software on computer, which claims to install cracked Apps.
  • Try your luck with the cracked apps via iFunbox.

Note: Do it with your own risk. (It is recommended to mention this after all). 😀


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