Mozilla Firefox OS Phone Coming Soon

Mozilla launches Firefox OS in phone, “Developer Preview Phone”, to carry out its development phase. A developer preview of Firefox OS will help in shaping a better product with feedback and suggestions.

Anyway, check out Firefox OS Phone by Mozilla, below:

Firefox OS Phone Launch Next Month

Mozilla Firefox OS Phone Coming Soon

Some of its leaked feature are:

  • 1 Ghz CPU, 512 MB Ram
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • 3.5 HVGA touchscreen
  • 1580mAh battery
  • Carrier Unlocked
  • 2G/3G + Wifi connectivity
  • 4GB micro SD slot

I am not that amazed with hardware but excited to see Firefox OS interface asap. Phone cost is not determined yet, but should range in between $300-$500. (Just a wild guess). The phone is expected to hit market at the end of February month.


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