Hot Tip for a Blogger – Keep Updating Older Blog Articles Regulary

We learn, update knowledge and grow everyday. It is humanly true that we update our skills and vocabulary in some or the other way. On the complimentary, you can make out difference from articles you published a year ago with the current ones.

I confess/admit, I am lazy while proof-reading articles and thus commit English blunders. See what I found, while browsing through a post written almost a year ago.

Article English Mistakes

Article English Mistakes

It is really humiliating, when article is one of the most viewed item on website. Well, I count it as another learning phase in blogging life and keep updating older entries (whenever I get chance).

Why you should Update Old Posts?

Check out the list of reasons why you should keep updating older blog articles regularly:

  • Find and correct spell mistakes (Common Blunders – 1)
  • Find and correct grammatical mistakes (Common Blunders – 2)
  • Add/Update hyperlinks to improve Inter-Linking on website (Reduces Bounce Rate)
  • Reform new sentences depending upon latest trend & insight.

Post a comment, if you have something more to add-on this above list.


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