Unlocked Airtel 3G Modem E173Bu-1 in Less than 15 minutes

Two days back I got an old locked Airtel 3G modem E1731 from my fiend. The locked Aritel modem was lying unused as he switched over to different carrier. I tried connecting it with a Vodafone SIM with 2G data.

Airtel 3G Modem E1731 Unlocked

Airtel 3G Modem E1731 Unlock Kit

It failed by saying “Invalid SIM card or No SIM detected”. It made sense, as why will locked Airtel Dongle work with Vodafone SIM card. I looked up online for some resources and flashing tools to begin the unlocking process. Here is what I found:

Airtel 3G Modem E1731 Unlock Resources

  1. Custom Mobile Dashboard Software
  2. Huawei Modem E1731 Unlocked Firmware
  3. Huawei Modem Imie Unlock & Flash Code Tool Kit
  4. All Network APN settings

Here is the 15 minutes Airtel modem unlocking process, I did:

Huawei Modem E1731 Unlocking Process

  1. Remove Airtel Default SIM card and connect modem to computer.
  2. Close the default Airtel Interface whereas don’t install Airtel Dashboard Setup if you have plugged-in for the first time.
  3. Run the Custom Mobile Dashboard Software [Resource 1] which will actually remove the default Airtel software from dongle and replace it with custom mobile dashboard interface. (This step will take 7-10 minutes).
  4. Once done, close the new mobile interface but don’t remove modem.
  5. Use the [Resource 2] to flash locked modem’s firmware with Huawei Modem E1731 Unlocked Firmware. You will also be prompted to enter a flash code as password to update firmware. Use [Resource 3] to find flash code from the IMIE code. (This step will take 3-5 minutes).
  6. After update is complete, Mobile Dashboard will prompt Unlock Code with some limited number of attempts. Use [Resource 3] to find unlock from the IMIE code.
  7. Woohoo! Unlocking is successful. Now, put a SIM card try your luck by setting up valid APN settings. Use [Resource 4] to find appropriate network settings for your carrier. (This step will take 3-5 minutes).

Important Notice

This is not a tutorial but a conceptual theory which I figured out using online resources. So, if you are looking for proper tutorial just Google It!


20 thoughts on “Unlocked Airtel 3G Modem E173Bu-1 in Less than 15 minutes

  1. he sir,
    i want to break my modem lock which is enabled only one sim airtel i want to enjoy all all sim network so please me suggest.


  2. Hi sir, my dongle model:E173Bu-1, Imei:868510016604877, s/n:8CBYA93B0900084, I downloaded many firmware on my dongle, but I’m unable to get proper link for downloading. So please send a proper download link to my mail vinothkumar609@gmail.com


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