Proposed Concept for Google to Auto-Complete “How to” Queries with Quick Answers


This doesn’t surprise you and me though, but I got a serious tip for Google here. The title hints you completely and that is what I meant to propose Google should Auto Complete Queries with Quick Answers.

I have prepared a conceptual Google Search with auto complete feature, which you can find in the below screenshot…


Concept: Google Search Auto-Complete Feature with Quick Answers

I am sure a lot of people will hurt their ego with such a concept. In-a-way, people will be less dependent on Google Search engine for questions like:


  • How to Kiss – Why you wanna Google? Just Muuuah…No..!
  • How to Hack Facebook account – Kidding me? I mean just make a polite inquiry to Facebook why Google it?
  • How to get pregnant – Don’t you trust your partner or you wanna pull Google in between you both love making couples? Just be yourself…No..!
  • How to make a Website – One decent question out of 4 which Google auto completes, ‘eh? Sounds good, suggest some Web Enthusiastic Designer in town.

A bit of artificial intelligence and Google can be a Best Friend of this World. See the benefits below:


  • People will start thinking their own concepts
  • Google will reflect Virtue of People
  • Google will be at Peace
  • There will be quality results

I am done talking! Think about it Google! (Pingback)


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