It’s been a while, I confess – [The LIST]

Its been a while, I haven’t updated my blog and I regret the fact because things didn’t allow me to. Yes, just addressing few things:

  • Road trip to mussoorie turned out deadly as we had accidents while returning back to delhi. Luckily no injury to humans!
  • Loosening Bike’s key, over which my insights told me that somebody stole it.
  • With IOS 6 update, I lost all my stuff comprising messages, few hundred photos and memories.
  • Laptop is crashing every day, where Dell is still trying to fix customer service centre’s communication cable which they believe is broken because of the weather stuck in US.
  • While working out during my fitness session I got a pinching pain in my right foot, I researched for it online and found that I might have 1st Metatarsal Stress Fracture and I can’t play football for at least 9-15 months.

Anyway, smartphone is what is making me address all these things and that too in a listed format. I appreciate and love my life. 🙂


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