Relationship is actually a Life Ship [Part 1]

Relationship is a ship of limited boundary which helps you explore life. The ocean act as timeline where journey becomes your experience. There are many irrelevant labels attached to a ship but describing them individually will certainly bore you.

It is fun to sneak out somewhere or lock yourself in a cabin. Weather drives you crazy and the moon shapes up a romantic night.

Surrounded by ocean water, sometimes its stormy and dark whereas sometimes its calm and bright. You take the wheel to handle it with care and at times you let it go directionless by its own, vulnerable.

I have seen a lot of sinking ships in expectific ocean and some ships broke by colliding at stubborn plateau having rock architecture.

It is sad to hear about the broken ones…


One thought on “Relationship is actually a Life Ship [Part 1]

  1. All this sounds so magical, this ship has a weird journey. It has no definite beginning or end. It just goes on some times fun and nice weather while other times, its surrounded by high tides which makes it all so dangerous. The harbor is far to reach at times and some times it’s the place we never wanna reach.


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