Tomorrow, it never comes

On analyzing different species on earth, I have found that plants and animals are more loyal than human beings. Each day, I get promises attached with this word called Tomorrow, which also means future or the day next to current, and these promises never out-crust.

Now this is something funny, as we are trying push something from present to future in form of a commitment i.e. on the next day. Sometime it happens because of uncertainty or improper planning, whereas most of the time our laziness and selfishness covers the sky.

I wonder, why we turn present to future when we don’t know anything about future. We all are pushing our tasks, schedules, meet-ups or events according to our own comforts. It’s just like a sweeper sweeping all dirt, litter etc. everyday and take some rest until the next day to do that again. Ain’t we doing the same thing here?

Future turns into predictable/unpredictable present and we think that its our future taking a shape. Well, it’s not as the future changes its shape depending upon how you dealing your present. Present is the most vital part of your life and you should tackle it wisely to shape your future.

In conclusion, I will end by saying that tomorrow never comes, as it turns to today and leading you to the next day with more tasks, meet-ups, schedules & events. You will not feel the real peace until you start living your present completely.

Tomorrow never comes, until you have lived your present fully.

If you think Tomorrow(future) really come, then enlighten us with the help of a comment below.


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