Did you know? – Your Smile makes Me Smile

There are several things in my head related to work, family or society. But did you know that..

Your Smile makes Me Smile

Yes, I am talking about your smile which is carefree and without any regards. I sense the joy of happiness which makes me feel positive and it melts my complexity.


You know why it happens? Because to every question there is an answer and to every trouble there is a Smile. So, in-a-way you don’t have to approach anything, as where negativity surrounds you, positivity shields you.

Where can you find a smile? Good question, but that is for you have to figure out for yourself, because I see happiness around me, its there:

  • in sunrise when the birds chirp & fly in joy
  • when you pat or feed your dog
  • when you meet a baby and pretend like one
  • couple holding hands
  • crescent shaped moon stares at you

Well there is more to it, but I think you got the idea and now you know that Your Smile makes Me Smile. 🙂


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