You can’t Teach me how to Love You

Dear perfectionists & geniuses,

We are living in a human world where there is so much of error around us. You can make a perfect system but not human beings, as we are.

Anyway, this is all bullshit according to some people living with latest trends. They expect you to function as they do, eat the way they do and finally shit they way they do too. Lol! But, let me ask them a simple question here…

Can they ask me to Love, the way they do?


Can you teach me how to love you?


No, you can’t as it defines your imperfection. 🙂

Ahh! By the way, if you have an answer to above question, make sure you post it as a comment below. I would love to hear & appreciate that. 😉

Image Credit: Undisclosed Friend


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