Weird Wake up Call for Me

Few minutes ago, I heard my phone ringing and partially woke-up, I answered it. The number was known but I wasn’t sure about the person making it. He started with a usual “Hey” and rest of the conversation was followed in hindi.

The Conversation (translated in english)
Guy: Hey, I am your friend’s boyfriend.
Me: Hey, Mr. Boyfriend, Whats up ?
Guy: Do you know me ?
Me: Hahaha, Man you called me up saying “I am the boyfriend”. What next ?
Guy: He says, your friend gets a lot of messages from your number.
Me: Dude are you trying to be mr. bean or something ? Want to sort things out…
(He heard sort as shot, lol)
Guy: Well, no no, no shots.
Me: No dude, lets sort because I don’t have a gun. Lol.
(Girl scream from behind saying, Don’t Try to Act Cheap with him. It seemed to be familiar sound of my friend, which answered all questions in my head. )
Phone disconnects…

Well, sometimes you get wake-up/ prank calls where people try to pretend that they are smart. Sorry, did I just said Smart ? Lol.

People have got a lot of time to waste with others, showering their smartness on things which are so far away from them. Weird phone calls is what they call smartness.



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