It doesn’t matter, You always shit the way you always do!

Hah…just got through a chick-flick movie which actually had this moral…

It doesn’t matter, you shit the way you do always.

I am strong believer of this thought, because it actually reflects what you are and how you are. Yes, it doesn’t matter if you are in your teens or you have crossed your teens, or may be ended up your college and joined the slavery corporates. Well, truth is that you remain the same, just like cracking jokes, troubling your colleagues or may be taking high shots on big girls.

I actually like the concept of reunion and it should happen every 6-8 months to keep your world moving around you. Meeting friends having dinner together and memories makes your chain even stronger.


If you are American Pie series follower, then do give it a shot as they got a reunion too.


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