Harvest or Reuse RO Waste Water

Today, I noticed something in kitchen where my mother was collecting waste RO water. Curiously, I asked her about the reason and she said:

Everyday about 90% of the waste water drains out and I can’t see so much of water wastage.

Well, this gave me a push to share the article with you. As we are aware of RO systems and is there in almost every house today. But do you know that it wastes about 80-90% of the water consumed by it. Well, then why not reuse it ?

Waste water is highly concentrated with dissolved salts, hence it can’t be used for cooking or watering plants. Find out below, how to reuse waste RO water:

  • Collect the water and pour into toilet instead of flushing.
  • Store water in barrel and use it for cleaning external floors
  • Can also be used to water roadside trees and non-potted plants.

I really appreciate my mother for her water harvesting practices and I think we all should be conscious about our daily needs and resources. If you save a bucket of water everyday, you are helping a needy find that bucket of water. So save water!


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